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Quebec thaw period

  Zone 1 : March 22nd (12:01 am) to April 30th (11:59 pm)*

  Zone 2 : March 22nd (12:01 am) to May 14th (11:59 pm)*

  Zone 3 : March 29th (12:01 am) to May 14th (11:59 pm)*

 * Depending on the changes in weather conditions, the start and end of the load restriction period may be moved ahead or postponed.

For more information about thaw period planning, contact one of our client account representatives today, they would be happy to help you find the right transportation solution during this critical period. Please also note that our transportation safety specialists can assist you with your loading plans. Don’t hesitate to ask our customer service representatives about obtaining this service.

If you ship goods to Ontario or New-Brunswick, we encourage you to check with the corresponding transportation ministry website (e.g.,, for the details specific to each region.

Click here to download the complete brochure on load restrictions and weight charts during the thaw period