Total Control of Logistics Operations for Optimal Performance

We have managed to firmly position ourselves as a partner of choice for the aerospace industry. This has been accomplished by earning the appropriate certifications and investing heavily in our physical and technological infrastructure to offer a level of service commensurate with the high standards that define the sector. As an asset-based provider, we offer our clients complete control over their operations at every link of the supply chain. Our partnership programs, which allow us to extend our geographical coverage, are subject to strict quality guidelines, and our partners have access to the same training programs as our employees.

In an industry where agility is key to adjusting to market changes, we have established a lineup of services that are flexible, performance-oriented and conducive to controlling costs. We work hand in hand with our clients, using state-of-the-art technology to give them real-time insights into their operations. In short, we do everything possible to help them improve their performance on an ongoing basis.

Services Adapted to Our Clients’ Specific Needs

Our aerospace industry clients can enjoy a full array of first-rate services from Groupe Robert on an à la carte basis or bundled into a package – all delivered by a team of qualified experts who have been specially trained to cater to this sector of activity. Our efforts span the gamut, from transportation to secure warehousing to order preparation. And our facilities boast a wide range of powerful equipment that can be adapted to any context, including overhead cranes to move heavy or oversize freight.

Within a partnership framework, we collaborate actively with our clients to plan out every last detail of their logistics operations and ensure just-in-time service as required to help them improve their performance and productivity. Our value-added turnkey services ensure a maximum of latitude, with secure packaging solutions to keep cargo safe and intact throughout its journey.

We are proud to offer our clients in this sector the business solutions they need to act as a temporary or permanent extension of their own operations. The professionalism and quality of our service at every step empowers the brands we serve, ensuring they uphold their reputation and maximize their visibility at every touchpoint. At Groupe Robert, we are dedicated to partnering with aerospace industry players and helping them soar!

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An example of what we can do for you

Project Requirements

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Establishment of a warehousing service for extremely sensitive components
  • Just-in-time delivery
  • Support and advice in the performance objectives agreement


  • Improved outputs and financial results
  • Increased production rate and streamlined processes,
  • Maximizing returns and lowering costs
  • Implementation of the UTC Supplier-Gold certification.
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