Control, Flexibility, Reliability

As a trusted 3PL partner for the automotive industry, we offer our clients the flexibility and control they need to manage their supply chain from start to finish. Our logistics specialists have developed turnkey solutions that zero in on the issues of this constantly changing sector with laser-like accuracy. Not only can our clients take advantage of our leading-edge expertise and consulting services, they can also rely on our extensive proprietary facilities and sophisticated technology to achieve the highest standards of quality.

We master every stage of the supply chain and possess all of the certifications necessary to accommodate your needs. Our Canada- and U.S.-wide coverage and our highly trained personnel ensure your every requirement, no matter how complex, is met.Health and safety are top priorities for us here at Groupe Robert, so we understand our clients’ commitment in this regard. Our services are designed to help you ensure optimal compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations.

Creating Value and Making Your Logistics Operations More Cost-Effective

We understand that companies in the automotive industry need to optimize their logistics on an ongoing basis if they wish to hold their own in today’s competitive marketplace. Keeping their business cost-effective means setting precise, measurable goals and ensuring just-in-time procurement. The logistics specialists here at Groupe Robert can help you make this vision come to life and proactively contribute to the continuous improvement of your operations and the attainment of your objectives.

Our clients in the automotive industry have access to superior-quality services, on an individual basis or as part of a package, provided by a qualified team of experts that have been specially trained to meet their particular requirements. We can assist you with a full range of transportation, warehousing, packaging and order preparation solutions. Our state-of-the-art equipment can be adjusted to suit any context, and our modern warehouses are equipped with overhead cranes to manage heavy or oversize loads.

We are proud to have developed this specialty to provide our automotive industry clients access to temporary or permanent facilities that act as a complement to their own infrastructure. Thanks to our professionalism and the quality of our services at every stage of the supply chain, the brands we work with can uphold their reputation for excellence and maximize their impact at every point of contact.

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An Example of What We Can Do for You

Project Requirements

  • Sequencing and storage of parts
  • Just-in-time delivery inside a window of 4 hours or less
  • Management of deliveries from suppliers
  • Cross-docking of 70% of goods received and transferred to plants via daily shuttles


  • Implementation of a just-in-time delivery process to ensure parts are in production within 2 to 24 hours
  • Sequencing of trailer loading in line with production flow
  • One-stop asset-based 3PL
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