Communication: The Key to Success

By communicating daily with our teams, we ensure that all of our employees are aware of the value of important workplace health and safety issues, as well as the role they themselves can play in the process. Our goal is to dispense practical advice to minimize the risk of injuries, accidents and other adverse events.

And we are just serious about our commitment to good mental health. An employee assistance program is available to provide help with a wide range of personal and professional issues – anonymously and free of charge.

Spotlight on Compliance

Our fleets’ safety ratings consistently exceed Canadian and U.S. standards. Our trucks are fitted with onboard computers to communicate with our clients’ interfaces and provide them with real-time delivery information. In addition, our drivers use electronic logging devices to ensure their on-road safety and adherence to hours of service regulations. Our fleet is also equipped with driving assistance technology (obstacle detection, cameras, brake assist systems, etc.), and our streamlined processes help expedite delivery and ensure that all shipments arrive safely and on time.

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