More than 70 Years of Putting Our Clients First

Over the past seven decades, we have travelled far – literally and figuratively. We may no longer be that small-town trucking company we used to be in 1946, but the legacy of our founder is alive and well in everything we do. His values continue to guide us in our ongoing pursuit of excellence. And we are eager to share our story and our success with you. After all, the best way to know where you are going is to know how where you have been.

Reducing the Supply Chain Carbon Footprint, Together

Here at Groupe Robert, our commitment to sustainable development and a smaller environmental footprint across the supply chain is something we care deeply about. As an industry leader, we firmly believe that we have a duty to champion real change in this regard. We have therefore been working closely with Energotest to pinpoint and embrace innovative technologies and practices that minimize the ecological impact of our operations. Every day, our employees contribute to this process and help us us find new ways of constantly improving our environmental performance.

A Partner in Your Success

We are a leading player in the North American logistics industry, with a full range of services that make us a partner of choice. As such, we are poised to support you in all of the aspects of your logistics operations, from planning to fulfillment and everything in between. Our vision and our objectives are clear, and we have a strong network and infrastructure in place to achieve our mission, which we invite you to be a part of.

Groupe Robert: A Partner of Choice

We have opted to seek out certifications that are important to our industry – and yours. Every day, we pull out all the stops to offer a level of service that is next to none in order to help you streamline your operations and take your performance to new heights.