End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization for Agri-Food Clients

Groupe Robert’s reputation in the agri-food sector is well established. Thanks to major investments in our warehousing and distribution infrastructure and our extensive asset-based fleet adapted to various business needs, we are positioning ourselves as an invaluable supply chain partner for this industry.

We harness our vast network to offer top-notch services throughout Canada and the U.S. The logistics solutions we provide to our clients are vital in leveraging their efficiency, performance and flexibility. This is turn helps them control costs and quality in addition to letting them seize opportunities for growth as they arise. We are proud to work with them to give them a real-time view into their operations so they can optimize their results

Solutions that Will Help Your Business Flourish

When you choose to team up with Groupe Robert, you will have access to an extensive array of services, available à la carte or bundled into a package. Backed by this peace of mind, you can focus on growing your market share and keeping close track of your investments. Our value-added services are delivered by a trusted partner who understands your needs and represents you with the utmost professionalism to ensure your brand is put in its best light at all times.

Our distribution centres feature four temperature zones for our agri-food clients. And our specially equipped vehicles ensure stringent temperature control across the supply chain.

We can also help you build your own chain using our assets instead of your own. In other words, we can offer you much more than a basic set of agri-food logistics services. We can offer you a sustainable business solution that will support you at every step of your growth.

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An Example of What We Can Do for You

Project Requirements

  • Management of all raw materials and suppliers (shuttles and trailers every 45 minutes)
  • Order preparation and product shipping (15 minutes every hour)
  • 12 production lines
  • Total compliance with supply chain requirements and standards, including a 36-hour quarantine on every product
  • Receiving and shipping
  • Deliveries to destinations across the country


  • Perfect just-in-time production
  • Multiple co-packing processes
  • Kitting and repacking to ship directly to internal clients
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