In partnership with Camo-Route and the CFTR, this new program is designed to pave the way for Groupe Robert employees to explore the truck driving profession.

Through this initiative, eight different distribution centre and workshop employees will have the opportunity to complete the 615 training hours (five months full time) required to obtain a vocational diploma (DEP) in truck driving, along with their Class 1 driver’s licence.

All eight of these individuals went through the same process as candidates for a new job: submitting their application to the Groupe Robert HR department, going for in-person interviews, signing a contract and integrating into their new environment. Throughout the training period, they will receive assistance for their wages and their tuition costs.

Groupe Robert’s Vice-President of HR, Jean Boisvert, had this to say about New Start: “We love this type of program, which lets employees follow their dreams without having to change employers. Initiatives like these can lead to new career opportunities for Groupe Robert staff. They will have access to more than a job – they will have ongoing support for their career development.”

The HR team is already hard at work planning for the 2019 cohort of the New Start program.

For more information or to sign up for the 2019 preselection process, contact Élise Ferlatte at 514-521-1416, ext. 1781, or Lyne Boucher at 514-521-1416, ext. 2737.